04/09/2012 07:52 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Spring Cleaning: What Are Your Home Deal-Breakers? (PHOTOS)

Our home is our haven. In a perfect world, everything would be clean and neat with everything exactly where we want it. But in reality, if you live with others, chances are you have to break a few of your home habits to get used to theirs and vice versa. Though, there are some things that are just non-negotiable. It's understandable if toothpaste globs in the sink or table crumbs can set you over the edge -- we all have our limits. Our team here at Stylelist, Stylelist Home and Huffington Post Style share with you our home pet peeves, or what we like to call our 'home deal-breakers'.

Flip through the slideshow to see the cleaning and organizing situations we despise the most. And when you're ready, share your own in the comments. Or, upload your own photo to the slideshow and add a few sentences about the things that really tick you off. Venting helps!

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