04/10/2012 07:53 pm ET Updated Apr 10, 2012

Bobby Petrino Fired? Arkansas Coach Reportedly Out After Motorcycle Wreck Scandal

According to Joe Schad of ESPN, Bobby Petrino is done as the football coach at the University of Arkansas. Schad tweeted that Petrino "is out" early on Tuesday evening. Shortly after Schad's tweet, published a story indicating that multiple sources had confirmed this information to's Chris Low.

Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long has announced a press conference for later this evening.

Petrino was placed on paid leave last week after more details emerged about a motorcycle accident that left the football coach with four broken ribs and a cracked neck vertebrae.

The 51-year-old coach initially informed the university that he had been alone on the motorcycle at the time of the crash, but the Arkansas State Police report revealed that there was a passenger. Petrtino had been riding with former Arkansas volleyball player Jessica Dorrell. The 25-year-old Dorrell is currently an employee of the football program.

"I am disappointed that coach Petrino did not share with me, when he had the opportunity to, the full extent of the accident and who was involved," Long said upon announcing that the coach would be placed on leave. "I certainly don't have all the answers here tonight, as we meet. But again, I have an obligation and responsibility to obtain the information and then act appropriately on that information."

UPDATE 8:03 P.M. EST: Schad tweeted that Petrino had acted inappropriately in hiring Dorrell.

UPDATE: 8:22 P.M. EST: has live streaming video from press conference. CLICK HERE to watch.

UPDATE 8:25 P.M. EST: The Associated Press cites an anonymous source also confirming that Petrino will be fired as football coach at Arkansas.