04/10/2012 10:37 am ET

Spring Relationship Cleaning

Spring Cleaning, loved by some and dreaded by others, is the annual major cleaning of your home that happens - wait for it - in the Spring. Since we're about three weeks into Spring, I think it's definitely time for a little Spring Cleaning. But since I'm not even ¼cup Martha Stewart, I'm going to focus on another kind of Spring Cleaning that I'd argue is even more important than the kind Martha will chat about on many (many, many) morning talk shows. Spring Relationship Cleaning.

Spring relationship cleaning doesn't just apply to romantic relationships; it's friends, too. And by the way, we all know when we're in one of these relationships that needs to be Spring Cleaned right out of our lives. You know when you have that nagging feeling that's saying, should I really be in this relationship? That's the sign I'm talking about. It's just a question of whether we feel like paying attention to all of the signals. Signals that are usually manifested in hurt feelings. At some point or another, we should all probably step back and take a look at the people in our lives. Are they supportive? Are they as interested in our lives as we are in theirs? Do they ask questions? Are they kind to you? Do you often feel like the relationship is unbalanced or simply unfair? Do they watch Nurse Jackie? If they don't watch Nurse Jackie, I have no idea why any of us would keep them around. But that might be getting too specific.

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