04/11/2012 05:53 am ET

'Big Easy Justice' Premiere: Tat-2 The Bounty Hunter Tracks A Fugitive To A Shrimp Boat (VIDEO)

Love is blind, and some might argue stupid at times as well. On the premiere of "Big Easy Justice" (Tue., 10 p.m. ET on Spike), Eugene "Tat-2 The Bounty Hunter" Thacker and his team managed to subdue a man who'd been hiding out from the law on a shrimp boat with his girlfriend.

The officers tried to tell her that this is no kind of life, but she appeared to not hear a word he said. After he stopped the lecture and ordered her home, she asked if she could give her boyfriend -- who was handcuffed already and in the back of the squad car -- a goodbye hug. The request was denied.

"Big Easy Justice" follows in the footsteps of other bounty hunting shows, following Tat-2 and his crew as they chase down fugitives from justice in New Orleans. The fugitive tracked this week had racked up $15,000 in bonds and was wanted for failure to appear, probation violation and ultimately drug charges. There is no charge for leading a young girl into a life of running from the law, but Tat-2 did his best to at least point her in the right direction. In this case, home.

Follow Tat-2 and his team on "Big Easy Justice" every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on Spike.

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