04/11/2012 06:15 pm ET Updated Apr 11, 2012

Bride Takes The Bus: Hartford Bride Takes Public Transportation To Her Wedding (VIDEO)

Most brides would never dream of taking the bus to their wedding.

But Adrienne "Addy" Gale isn't most brides.

On her wedding day, the Hartford, Connecticut woman and her bridal party opted for public transportation -- instead of a limo or a private car -- to get to city hall, where Gale tied the knot with fiance Will McNair.

The bridal party even broke into song on the bus, getting half-way through "Chapel of Love" before the bus driver asked them to stop singing.

Gale isn't the first bride who has chosen to take the bus to her wedding recently. Last week, British bride Jenny Klochko made headlines when she took a single-decker bus to get to her wedding at the Sutton Register office.

Klochko told The Daily Mail, "I wanted to do something different on my wedding day, so many weddings are the same these days and a little soulless."