04/11/2012 11:02 am ET

Dunham: 'Girls' Sex Scares Men

HBO's "Girls," a new comedy about four 20-something girlfriends living, working and having sex in New York City, premieres this Sunday night. Despite this description, "Girls" is much grittier and more naturalistic than "Sex and the City." It's less a frothy, glossy, orgasmic take on Manhattan than the reflection of the particular sensibility of Lena Dunham, "Girls’" 25-year-old star and creator. That sensibility has already given "Girls" a spot in the zeitgeist: It's being written and discussed as the latest window onto the sometimes awkward, sometimes hilarious, sometimes awkwardly hilarious realities of being a young woman now.

Dunham spoke to Salon about being "the voice of her generation," why some men may find all the bad sex the characters are having so worrisome, and the ongoing appeal of cupcakes.

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