04/11/2012 07:31 am ET

'Raising Hope': Nancy Grace Looks Into The Case Of Hope's Mother, With A Shocking Twist (VIDEO)

While most shows save their big shocking moments for their season finales, "Raising Hope" (Tue., 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox) dropped a bombshell on their viewers in the penultimate episode. And they did so by creating a show within the show Nancy Grace hosts "Inside Probe," taking a look into the serial killer Lucy Carlisle AKA Hope's mom.

Through several hilarious interviews and on-the-scene interviews, the full story is revealed, but Grace saves one nugget for the closing credits. Lucy wasn't executed after all. Hope's mother is alive, which throws absolutely everything in the show up in the air. You bet it's to be continued in next week's season finale.

TV Line
talked with Marth Plimpton who said she enjoyed Grace's walk through their world, interacting with the wacky denizens of their town. She also promised even more familiar faces from the season will be back for the finale, "which is really cool."

The good news for fans is that "Raising Hope" has already been renewed for a third season, so no matter how this situation plays out next week, there's a whole new year to see if and how Lucy messes up the strange dynamic that's settled into the family these past two years since Hope was born.

Check out the season finale of "Raising Hope," next Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

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