04/12/2012 11:47 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Bedroom Decor Ideas: A Guest Room Gets A Bold Color Makeover (VIDEO)

The Homeowners: Deena and Daniel Rosenberg

The Dilemma: The Rosenbergs had a guest room that was kind of an after thought. The room was uncomfortable and outdated, but updating it wasn't exactly high on their to-do list. And, because the couple have a baby who requires a lot of their attention, they just didn't have the time to think about fixing up this occasionally used room.

The Fix: The solution for this drab bedroom was to make easy decor updates that would add a lot of impact with minimal effort.

A guest room is the perfect place to experiment with color, so painting the walls was first on the to-do list. While the apple green might look intimidating on the swatch, the bold hue really helps to enliven the room and fill it with cheer. It's quick and simple way to instantly give the room a 'look' without having to bring in too many accessories. Additionally, the bright green is a nice departure from the rest of home, which has a predominantly gray palette.

The next project was to tackle the mirrored closet doors, which were not only outdated but also barely opened without a struggle. So instead, the doors were removed and bright curtains with a lively pattern were hung up in their place.

Another easy decor fix? Mixing and matching fabrics, which also helps add character with little effort. Take the window panel between the closets: The curtain patterns are all the same, just in another color. Simple!

Click on items in the image below and scroll through the product rail to find some of the pieces used in the makeover.