04/12/2012 01:54 pm ET Updated Apr 14, 2012

Penis Dumplings Allegedly Served At Chin Chin Chinese Restaurant Part Of Yvonne Diaz Lawsuit

A Chinese restaurant in midtown is proving to be one classy joint, allegedly forming penis-shaped dumplings to serve to patrons -- but not before dangling them at a coworker.

Former bartender Yvonne Diaz, who is now suing Chin Chin, claims workers harassed her with the dumplings three times a week, even being assaulted by two staff members, one of whom "pushed his erected penis into [her] buttocks area."

Diaz also says workers routinely held up oranges to their chests proclaiming, "Nay Nays Nay Nays is very good.” (?)

The restaurant apparently has been a favorite of both Tyra Banks and Jennifer Lopez, the latter of whom Diaz claims was victimized by workers' derogatory remarks about her shapely body.

Owner Jimmy Chin told the Post that the allegations were “frivolous” and “ridiculous nonsense.”

Penis dumplings aside, sexual harassment amongst restaurant workers has become commonplace nationwide. According to MSNBC, nearly 40 percent of sexual harassment suits reported by the federal government in 2011 took place in restaurants.

The National Restaurant Association has worked to implement reforms within the food industry, offering DVD training series on harassment prevention.