04/13/2012 03:26 pm ET

Bear Grylls First Pitch: Survivalist Star Lights Ball On Fire Before Dodgers Game (VIDEO)

It's commonplace to refer to a pitcher with an impressive fastball as a "flamethrower," but this is a bit much. Although he likely wasn't lighting up the radar gun like Justin Verlander or Aroldis Chapman, there was no question that adventurer, writer and TV host Bear Grylls brought some serious heat when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the Dodgers's game on Thursday.

Best known for putting his survival skills on display on Man vs. Wild, Grylls seemed to have Dodgers catcher Matt Treanor thinking he was going to get burned during this particular interaction of Catcher vs. Pitcher. Before letting loose with his pitch, Grylls knelt on the mound, pulled out a lighter and ignited the ball. Holding the ball carefully in his left hand, he then stood up and fired it home.


Although the pitch was high out of the zone, there is often a roster spot to be had in the major leagues for a southpaw who can work out of the bullpen, especially if he's a bona fide flamethrower.