04/13/2012 04:57 pm ET Updated Apr 13, 2012

Bo Obama 'Outliers'

Frank Newport dives deep into Obama, swing states and women.

Stuart Rothenberg takes a different look at the gender gap.

Brendan Nyhan warns about shortcomings in a polling focus on battleground state polls and demographic subgroups.

Terrance McCoy reviews the "big data" efforts of the Obama and Romney campaigns.

Jonathan Chait highlights reasons for the Obama-Romney confidence gap.

John Sides examines Romney's empathy gap.

Ruy Teixiera and Sean Trende talk changing party demographics.

Charles Franklin finds partisanship determines views of whether presidents can affect price of gas.

Pew Research shares a sampler of their research on women, work and motherhood.

David Hill feels compassion fatigue.

Kevin Drum sums up what respondents really hear.

Steve Koczela calls out New Hampshire's "push poll" law.

Ben Jacobs asks if Josh Putnam is the Nate Silver of 2012.

Resurgent Republic asks a focus group, if Obama were a car, what kind of car would he be?

Michael Tessler finds a spillover of racialization to Bo Obama.