04/13/2012 03:00 am ET

Mechelle Reiger, Idaho Woman, Is Reunited With Diamond Ring After Workers Find It In Sewer

When an Idaho woman accidentally flushed her $6,000 diamond wedding ring down the toilet, she was certain that it was gone forever.

"It was the most luxurious thing I've ever owned," Mechelle Reiger told KTVB. "I felt sick to my stomach."

But this week -- more than 18 months later -- Reiger was reunited with the custom-made ring after two sewer workers found it and returned it to City Hall.

Now, Reiger says, she believes that "miracles do happen."

According to KBOI-TV, waste water operators Travis Fleming and Carey Knight found the ring whilst working in the sewers in Kuna, Idaho.

"Some lady was probably really distraught," Knight reportedly said when he found it. "She lost a beautiful ring."

Reiger said that she was over the moon when she heard that someone had located a ring.

"I received a voice mail from a friend and I just started screaming in the car," Reiger told KBOI-TV. "I was like, "Oh my gosh, that's my ring."

Armed with a photo and an appraisal from the jeweler who made it, Rieger claimed the seven-diamond ring at the Kuna City Hall, the Associated Press reports.

Fleming and Knight were there too -- to meet the overjoyed owner of the ring that they had so honestly returned.

"We all took pictures and I gave them hugs," Reiger said. "I am so thankful for them."

Reiger told KTVB that her 25th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and the ring is simply "the best present ever."

"I feel so complete again," she said. "I've been so sad that it's been gone. It just hasn't been the same."