04/13/2012 04:47 pm ET

Pig Makes Friends With Dog (VIDEO)

In a world increasingly defined by conflict, perhaps mankind should look to our animal friends for guidance on how to make this a more pleasant world.

MyFox Boston brings us the latest example of interspecies friendship between a dog and a rescued piglet.

It all started when Hunter, the dog, met Mu Shu after Hunter's owner found the piglet in the road, having fallen out of a livestock truck.

Hunter's human family owns a vet hospital and, while he was recovering from his injuries, Mu Shu was lead around by his new pal Hunter, who made sure the partially blind piglet didn't come into harm's way.

Perhaps you're thinking, "well sure, this odd couple gets along, but dog and pig relationships documented on the Internet are exceedingly rare." Not so!

Interested parties need look no further than this pig giving a dog a massage or this rescued dog and his "piggy."

And sometimes these friendships are the difference between life and death.

The Daily Mail reported on a dog who saved a baby pig from being slaughtered by adopting it as "one of its own."

(Hat tip: The Daily What)