04/14/2012 07:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Culture Shifters, Teenage 'God Squad,' Claims To Have Cured People Of Cancer (VIDEO)

Culture Shifters, a teen Christian Pentecostal youth group, claims to have healed people of cancer, blindness, multiple sclerosis, and athletic injuries, Austrialia's News Online reports.

The group, which has 160 members, is based out of the Bridgeman Downs Christian Outreach Centre in Australia, and is led by Grant Shaw, 27, and his wife Emma, 23.

Despite warnings from medical officials that people should consult a doctor for health problems, the group's following is on the rise -- with several testimonials and YouTube videos in support of the healings.

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"Sometimes there can be a tingle," Grant Shaw, a former state government counsellor, told the paper. "Sometimes there can be a warmth, sometimes there can be a click, sometimes you don't hear anything at all."

The Culture Shifters aren't the only Christian teen group to make headlines lately. Back in March, three teenage girls appeared on Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show "Anderson" to detail their experience performing exorcisms.

"My first exorcism was when I was 13," 17-year-old Brynne told Anderson Cooper.

Tess, also 17, told Anderson Cooper she is able to spot the signs of demonic possession by looking directly into someone's eyes.

"The pupils dilate sporadically...," she told Cooper. "You look in someone's eyes, and after the [exorcism] training, you can see the evil."

Last month, reports surfaced of Australian group "Set Right" performing an exorcism on a two-year-old child.

Michelle Pecoult, a member of the group, told the Herald Sun the child wasn't disturbed by the procedure.

"(The demon) was told to leave and in 20 minutes left," Pecoult told the Herald Sun. "The child didn't know (it had happened)."

Grant Shaw told News Online the Culture Shifters receive no money in exchange for the healing.