04/14/2012 04:25 pm ET

Kelly Shoppach Slide Fail: Red Sox Catcher Stumbles Into Second Against Rays (VIDEO)

When a player slides feet-first into a base, his feet tend to touch the base first. Not this time.

Against the Rays on Friday, Red Sox catcher Kelly Shoppach attempted to record his first career stolen base and authored perhaps the most unlikely bit of thievery since Milton pilfered that money from Initech. Shoppach broke from first base against the Rays on Friday with a delayed steal. As he made his way toward second, he slid a little too early as Tampa Bay catcher Jose Molina rose out of his crouch for the throw. Hilarity ensued.

Shoppach stumbled onto his knee as the throw came into second baseman Jeff Keppinger. Already behind Keppinger, Shoppach had seemingly avoided the tag. He then fell forward and completed the slide going in head first.

"It was awesome. I actually have already got a great idea of how I'm going to hang [the base] up," Shoppach said, via "Still photo of me sliding, jumping, kissing the dirt, getting the bag up."

Thank you, Shoppach.