04/16/2012 10:36 am ET Updated Apr 16, 2012

Fox News Mole Joe Muto: As A Fox News Employee, 'I Was Completely Blackballed Within The Cable News Industry'

The Fox News mole, Joe Muto, discussed why he couldn't get another job in cable news as a Fox News employee with CNN's Howard Kurtz on Sunday.

Last week, an anonymous employee from Fox News teamed up with gossip website Gawker, claiming to be a "mole" who was reportedly going to air all of Fox News' dirty laundry to the general public. Within 24 hours, Fox News announced they found out the identification of the mole and was considering legal action. The Fox News mole turned out to be "O'Reilly Factor" associate producer, Joe Muto, who was fired the following day. Fox News was able to trace Muto's digital footprint. "I'm not a very good mole," Muto said to Kurtz. This statement will likely go undisputed.

Kurtz asked Muto why he didn't seek out another job if he was so uncomfortable with his employer. "Why stay there and draw a paycheck for eight years?" Kurtz asked. Muto charged that as a Fox News employee, he was "blackballed" in the cable news industry. "I tried to leave many, many times," Muto said. "I sent out dozens and dozens of resumes. CNN must have gotten twenty resumes from me and the truth of the matter is, I was blackballed within the industry. Hiring managers see Fox News on your resume and they say, 'this guy is a conservative; this guy is a nut; we don't want him in our organization.' I was completely blackballed within the cable news industry."

Muto's accusation is interesting, considering that he was working on the longstanding number one television show in cable news. TVNewser highlighted a number of former Fox News employees who have gone onto other jobs in the industry.

Kurtz also pointed out that Muto, as a self-proclaimed mole, did not really reveal anything too detrimental. "Among other things, you wrote that the newsroom is kind of a dreary place. You leaked a video with Sean Hannity having some friendly banter with Mitt Romney before an interview. You say that Fox Nation, which is basically an opinon site, runs conservative stories and headlines and has some racist commentors. It doesn't seem to amount to that much," he said. Kurtz later added that it just seemed like Muto was "uncomfortable with Fox News' conservative leanings."



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