04/11/2012 08:44 pm ET Updated Apr 16, 2012

Outside Lands Lineup: 'Ranger Dave' Releases Clues About 2012 Acts Online (VIDEOS)

It's no secret that HuffPost SF hearts Outside Lands. What's better than a weekend of good food, good music and great friends in one of the most beautiful settings on earth?

Accordingly, as Coachella insanity takes over Los Angeles and Lollapalooza fever attacks Chicago, we've been waiting with bated breath for Outside Lands lineup clues ever since early bird tickets sold out at record speed.


And Tuesday, the first beacons of truth finally appeared: Ranger Dave, the festival's official spokestweeter, revealed that he'll be posting hints about this year's artists on Instagram every day until the full lineup comes out on April 17.

We here at HuffPost SF put on our detective caps (okay, it wasn't that difficult with the exploding comment streams), and we can now happily present at least a portion of the 2012 lineup below. Keep checking back throughout the week, as we'll add more acts to the slideshow as Ranger Dave posts more clues.

In the mean time, we can only keep our fingers crossed as to who will be on the list. Robin is praying for Deerhunter and Deer Tick (notice a theme?). Aaron would be thrilled for his own project, The Midnight Snackers, to be offered a slot, but he'll settle for At The Drive In. Carly wants to see some old Outside Lands favorites revived; most specifically My Morning Jacket, Ween and Radiohead.

Who are you hoping for? Let us know in the comments, and in the mean time, check out some of the [allegedly] confirmed acts below (and view all the Instagram clues here):

Outside Lands 2012 Lineup