04/16/2012 11:20 am ET Updated Jun 16, 2012

Timothy Keith, 5-Year Old Deaf Boy Struck By Yellow Cab In Brooklyn, Is Brain Dead

A 5-year-old deaf boy hit by a yellow cab this weekend is brain dead, The New York Daily News reports.

Timothy Keith was struck after darting onto Hicks Street in Cobble Hill Saturday afternoon. By the time his parents, also deaf, noticed he was in danger, it was too late.

"I was with my son. The(n) he walk to road. I say NO to him," wrote mother Eva Keith in an interview. "I saw taxi yellow so fast. Driver hit my son but my son can't hear."

Eva and her husband then carried Timothy half a block to the nearest emergency room. Timothy's condition took an emotional toll on the emergency staff at Long Island College Hospital.

"The nurses are all crying," one hospital employee told The New York Post.

"I just saw him," said another. "I'm just devastated for the family and for that child. I have children and I just can't imagine."

The Keith family, from Washington, was on their first trip to New York City together.

The cabbie walked police through the accident. "There was no time. He stepped out and I hit the brake," he told The Post. The cabbie was not charged.

Earlier that afternoon, also in Brooklyn, 13-year-old Henry Garcia was killed after being struck by a Ford green Explorer, in the Northbound lane of 20th Avenue in Bensonhurst.

Garcia reportedly fell off his bike and was struck by the car, which then fled the scene.