04/17/2012 03:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Alfred Hitchcock Film Festival To Showcase All 58 Of His Films (VIDEO)

At the end of Alfred Hitchcock's long and storied film career he directed a total of 58 films. This summer, London's BFI will feature all of the films, including the premier of nine of his newly restored silent films, the Guardian reports.

From June to October, BFI will show all of Hitchcock's films in "The Genius of Hitchcock: Celebrating Cinema's Master of Suspense."

Hitchcock's horror films are as pervasive in the world of cinema as Shakespeare's plays are to theater. Films like "Psycho" and "Rear Window" were not only a peek inside the psychology of fear, but also that of a innovative and genius filmmaker.

"We would find it very strange if we could not see Shakespeare's early plays performed, or read Dickens's early novels," said Heather Stewart, the BFI's creative director, in an interview with the Guardian. "But we've been quite satisfied as a nation that Hitchcock's early films have not been seen in good quality prints on the big screen, even though – like Shakespearean and Dickensian – Hitchcockian has entered our language."

For Hitchcock, his lesser-known side is his early silent films. The BFI National Archive took on the two year endeavor of completely restoring the films in a project called "Rescue the Hitchcock 9." The archive has plans to premier their efforts at this summer's event set to new, live musical scores by composers including Nitin Sawhney, Daniel Patrick Cohen and Soweto Kinch. The films include 1925's "The Pleasure Garden," Hitchcock's debut feature.

Learn a little about "Psycho" in the pop-up trailer below: