04/17/2012 11:29 am ET Updated Apr 17, 2012

Dwyer High Prep Student Suspended For Soaking Rival's Dugout With Urine

A Palm Beach high baseball player has been suspended for two games due to a rivalry prank his own coach called "classless," as reported by Palm Beach Post.

The unnamed teen, a student at prep school William T. Dwyer High, soaked the visiting dugout of Palm Beach Gardens Gators with so much urine, according to the Post, that even fans could smell it.

The Dwyer Panthers won the Friday game 7-4 and the Dwyer Athletic Director Tom Pagley told the Post that the player is also facing school suspension.

Nearby Lynn University reacted on Twitter to the prank:

In the past, such actions have resulted in some serious consequences for both players and coaches.

Last year, a baseball player in San Diego peed on the visiting team's dugout bench and his entire team's postseason was canceled.

Their coach remarked "I would call it embarrassing because it's kind of a lewd act but the freshman kids are 14 years old. They're bound to make mistakes. They still think stuff like that is funny."

Another Florida baseball coach's job was in jeopardy when his players killed and buried a snake under the pitcher's mound after the coach blamed their losing streak on being "snake-bitten."