Kathy Griffin Explains Why Her Talk Show Won't Include Celebrity Guests (VIDEO)

Kathy Griffin's new talk show "Kathy" premieres Thursday night on Bravo, but it won't be featuring any celebrity guests. As the raunchy comedienne detailed on "The Wendy Williams Show" (weekdays on Fox) there's a reason for that -- it will be far easier to rip on those celebrities in absentia.

"I know this is sort of going out there, but no celebrities. They're not invited, and here's why. I don't feel that I can do the lord's work -- making fun of Ryan Seacrest -- I don't feel that I can make fun of thees celebrities if they're next to me, or if their friends are next to me," Griffin explained.

Griffin's show will feature a panel of commentators, but they'll be regular people. "My 91-year-old alcholic mom will be on there ... I'm actually looking for real life people who can just speak freely and not have to worry about being fired for it ... I'm sure you know people in your lives that maybe wouldn't go on TV -- I'll force them -- but they just let it rip and say all the heinous negative things we're thinking."

In a March interview with HuffPost TV, Griffin gave more details on what the show will look like:

It's going to be, what's called in the industry, a shitstorm. I just did a promotional photo shoot for Bravo, and I'm playing a little bit of a smoke-and-mirrors game with them, where I don't actually want them to know what the show is because I'm trying not to get canceled before my premiere. But they did a photoshoot with me with police "caution" tape around my mouth, so it's almost as if they're anticipating ... they know what they're in for, as will the rest of America, Canada, parts of Mexico City, the UK and Finland.

"Kathy" premieres Thursday, April 19 at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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