04/18/2012 09:14 am ET Updated Apr 18, 2012

Jon Stewart Mocks Geraldo Rivera's Exclusive Taliban Interview (VIDEO)

It was just last month that Geraldo Rivera found himself in hot water after making some inflammatory comments regarding Trayvon Martin and hoodies, and he seems to have no intent of slowing down. Rivera is currently in Afghanistan reporting on the Taliban's relaunched offensive and was able to secure an exclusive interview with a Taliban spokesperson. Sounds great, right? Great chance to do some solid reporting.

Instead, on the air, and through the aid of a translator, Rivera took the opportunity to call the spokesperson a "jerk off" and ask him "how he feels about getting his a*s kicked."

So on Tuesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart used the clip as a kickoff for a new segment called "Hey, That Guy Lives There." As in, "Hey, Don't Make That Translator Say That Terrible Thing, He Has To Keep Living In This Community After You And Your Cameras Leave."

Will it stop Rivera's tidal wave of trolling? Probably not. But at least it will help people laugh at it.

Watch the full clip above and let us know what you think in the comments.