04/18/2012 04:58 pm ET

Jordan Hill Applauds Tony Parker's Crossover On Ramon Sessions

Usually ankle-breaking crossovers make headlines for well, breaking the defender's ankles. But that wasn't the case on Tuesday night as the Spurs manhandled the purple and gold. En route to San Antonio's 112-91 win in the Staples Center, Spurs guard Tony Parker gained a new fan.. who happened to be sitting on the Lakers' bench.

Two of Parker's 29 points came early during the third quarter as he blew by Lakers point guard Ramon Sessions with an amazing crossover move. Parker scored an easy layup to put his side up by 20. As a majority of the Lakers bench watched in disappointment, Jordan Hill looked on in amazement.

The 2009 lottery pick was so stunned by Parker's moves, he couldn't help but applaud his opponent.

Of course, Hill could have been simply clapping to get his teammates back into the game, but it sure doesn't look like it. Seeing as how Lakers center Andrew Bynum was recently caught laughing after his teammate Pau Gasol got posterized by Blake Griffin, the Lakers might need to have a team meeting about sticking up for one another.