04/18/2012 11:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Katie Couric On 'GMA' Stint: 'I Felt A Little Like Divided Loyalties' (VIDEO)

Katie Couric visited talk show host Wendy Williams Wednesday morning and chatted about her workout routine, upcoming talk show, her stint on "Good Morning America," and Matt Lauer's major new contract with NBC.

As Couric sat down on the couch, Williams complimented her outfit and toned physique. "Good guns!" Williams gushed while looking at Couric's arms. Couric showed off her bicep muscles, which are seriously impressive, and attributed it all to spinning. "You should come with me one time!" Couric said to Williams.

Williams steered the conversation to Couric's week-long gig hosting ABC's "Good Morning America" while Robin Roberts was on vacation. ABC's decision to put Couric, who hosted NBC's "Today" for fifteen years, on "GMA" brought the long-running morning show wars to fever pitch. NBC retaliated by inviting Sarah Palin to guest host for a day. The week after Couric guest-hosted, "GMA" topped "Today" in the ratings, breaking NBC's 16-year winning streak as the number one morning show on television.

Couric described the experience as fun but "a little odd" because of her former role at NBC. "All the folks at the 'Today' show are my good friends too, so I felt like a little divided loyalties," she said. When asked how it felt to return to working the morning TV grind, Couric compared the experience to an ex-boyfriend. "You remember why you fell in love and you remember why you broke up," she said.

Williams asked Couric about Lauer's reported $25 million contract with NBC. "He's a great person and a lot of things get printed that aren't true, and I know he's a very valuable member of that that team," Couric said of her former co-host. "I think Matt feels a lot of loyalty to that show, which I really admire and respect. He feels as if he's the caretaker and wants to really be there for the show when the show needs him."

On the topic of her upcoming daytime talk show, Couric said that it will have "a little bit of everything." She said that she wanted to have a show where she could be herself — sometimes serious and other times fun and engaging. She added that she felt honored to anchor "CBS Evening News," but that it sometimes felt constrained. "I like fun Katie! I appreciate serious Katie, but I like fun Katie!" Williams enthusiastically yelled. "You're going to see a lot of fun Katie," Couric responded.

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