04/18/2012 03:01 am ET

'Shannen Says': Babysitting Quickly Turns Into A Nightmare For Shannen And Kurt (VIDEO)

Kurt Iswarienko convinced his wife Shannen Doherty to give babysitting a try on the latest "Shannen Says" (Tue., 10 p.m. ET on WE), but the experience was nothing like they'd hoped. As soon as the baby's parents left, the wailing began, and there was nothing the couple could do to stop it.

"He's just sad that they're leaving. He'll be okay in one second," Shannen said, but quickly realized it may not be that easy. "Maybe not one second."

Nothing they tried seemed to make a difference, and they found themselves bickering over the best way to handle the crying baby situation. Any parent can sympathize, as there is nothing so challenging as trying to find out why a baby is crying. No one wants to see a baby suffering, but when it's not clear why it's happening, feelings of helplessness can settle in.

When mom and dad showed up, it was almost comical how quickly Shannen and Kurt passed over the baby and ushered the parents out of the house. "Never babysitting again," Shannen declared.

"Never anything baby again," Kurt agreed.

See what adventure awaits them next on "Shannen Says," every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on WE.

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