04/18/2012 10:05 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2012

Katie Workman's 'The Mom 100 Cookbook'

If you're a mom with a busy schedule and a desire to still produce good, quality meals for your family, Katie Workman has just published a cookbook with you in mind, "The Mom 100 Cookbook." This cookbook's philosophy aims to provide real solutions for the everyday dilemmas that cooking for kids can present.

As is written on the back cover, the book presents 20 cooking-related dilemmas that moms face on a daily basis, and provides five solutions (in the form of recipes) for each dilemma -- offering a total of 100 recipes that moms can turn to when in need.

For example, one of the dilemmas covered in the book is "Getting The Kids Fed And Out The Door." Many moms will attest that mornings are busy and hectic, and so this is a valuable meal time to address. Workman offers five recipes for the dilemma with additional twists. Her recipe for scrambled eggs offers 10 alternative versions, such as the green eggs scramble, meat scramble or cheese scramble. Other dilemmas she addresses include: "The Kids Can't Get Beyond Hamburgers and Hotdogs," "Be Brave -- Serve Salad," and "I'm Looking For Some New Surefire Hits."

Since Workman is a working mother herself, she writes a blog (and also blogs for us also at HuffPost Kitchen Daily) and is the Editor in Chief of, she has included many features in her cookbook aiming to make a working mom's life easier. For most recipes, she offers tips on how you can make part of a dish ahead of time (when you actually have a free moment) or how the kids can help you in the kitchen (making a valid point that if the kids helped make it, they'll be more likely to try it).

Workman also devotes a great deal of time and consideration for the mom of the picky eater. She believes that just because your child isn't an adventurous eater, that doesn't mean that the whole family has to eat bland meals. She offers recipes called "fork in the road recipes" that allow you to appease the picky eater while still making an exciting dish for the rest of the family.

To get an idea of the kind of recipes you can find in Workman's book, you can check out the ones she has contributed to our site.

Katie Workman Recipes:
Tarragon Mustard Crusted Filet Of Beef
Southwestern Chicken-Chipotle Super Bowl Dip
Avocado And Cannellini Bean Crostini With Gremolata
Pad Thai
Modern Greek Salad

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