04/19/2012 02:19 pm ET Updated Apr 19, 2012

Eaton Canyon Waterfall: Officials Urge Hikers To Heed Warning As 'There Is No Safe Trail'

Would you risk your life for a waterfall? Hikers visiting Eaton Canyon in the Angeles National Forest have been for more than a decade, and now the County Parks and Recreation Department, the Sheriff's Department, the Pasadena and County fire departments, and the Forest Service are trying to put an end to it.

Eaton Canyon is home to two major waterfalls. The first, which is accessible by trail, has water flowing year-round. The 50-foot waterfall is considered to be suitable for most individuals, reports ECNCA. Unfortunately, hikers consistently attempt to hike past this waterfall to a second.

"The truth is there is no safe trail to the second waterfall," says Dep. Jeff Moran in a public service announcement released this week. "Too many people have died tried to hike the crumbling mountainside," agrees Lt. Roosevelt Johnson.

Officials stated that there have been at least 60 rescues in the last year, more than half of which included injury, reports Patch.

John Jutiyasantayanon fell near the waterfall and was pronounced dead on the scene in August 2011, less than a month after a different hiker died doing the same thing. In September 2011, three Glendale residents were found clinging to the side of a ridge line near the second waterfall, 100 feet above ground. Footage from the harrowing airlift rescue can be seen here.

"Don't try it, it's not worth losing your life," asserts Captain Danny Serna. View select videos of Eaton Canyon waterfall "Death Hike" below, uploaded by hikers who did not heed the warning.