04/19/2012 08:27 am ET

Occupy Spring: Who's Still Fighting The Power?

Spring is here, and the Occupy movement is emerging from its winter hibernation. Or that’s what the occupiers are saying, anyway.

With the tents of Manhattan's Zuccotti Park just a memory, it’s unclear how the movement will unfold in the coming months. Some occupiers are trying to change the political establishment through lobbying and legislation. Another vocal faction insists that the movement should be a force for radical change, not reform.

As the election season heats up, there’s a general consensus in the Occupy ranks that Romney is “Mr. 1 Percent” and Obama isn’t much better. But the occupiers don’t agree on much else. Take the liberal advocacy group, which along with other progressive and labor groups recently trained 100,000 activists nationwide in Occupy-style "direct action" tactics. Some mainstays of the movement, like the Canadian magazine Adbusters, think the "99 Percent Spring" is a force of co-optation, while others argue that it’s a force to be co-opted.

Here are six profiles of Occupy activists whose diverse perspectives could point the way to the future of the movement as a Occupy's spring begins.

Jason Cherkis, Tyler Kingkade and Matt Sledge contributed reporting.