04/20/2012 01:46 pm ET

Envirolet Eco-Friendly Toilets Compost Human Waste

With Earth Day, on April 22, just around the corner, companies are scrambling to release their most environmentally-friendly products. In the race to convert our most basic processes to greener ones, one Canadian small business is ahead of the curve. Introducing the Envirolet toilet.

Sancor Industries, which manufactures the Envirolet series of green toilets, just made composting human waste a lot more glamorous. Ahead of Earth Day, the company has released the new FlushSmart 800 series, which flushes further and composts quicker with a smaller footprint than competitors. The 25-person firm has been an industry leader in eco-friendly commodes for 35 years, but its sleek designs far surpass the old bucket and sawdust designs that come to be expected when talking about human waste composting.

The unsuspecting 800 series design looks just like your average porcelain throne, with a substantially sized seat and clean finish, but what you don't see is what makes Envirolet's design unique.

"Envirolet FlushSmart features conventional-looking ceramic toilets that flush with a tiny 0.2L of water per flush," co-owner Scott Smith said. Unlike most toilets, there is no gravity required to sufficiently pump waste up to 70 feet away or 12 feet up to a separate compositor thanks to an advanced vacuum system. The system pumps waste to a patented composting unit that uses advanced aeration techniques to allow for better processing speeds and more capacity. And as most composting toilets promise, no foul smell. Owners can empty the composter one to two times a year for their very own nutrient-rich "humanure," as its known in the industry.

While the line of Envirolet products can run you anywhere from $4,000 to over $6,000, the company ensures that their toilets will quickly become the best seat in the house.