04/20/2012 08:49 am ET

Miami Heat Fart: Shaq Tackles Bench Smell At Heat-Bulls Halftime (VIDEO)

Following an intense first half of the Heat-Bulls game that included a flagrant foul and an ejection, Shaquille O'Neal needed to address something he thought was slightly more important than the scoreboard on TNT's Inside The NBA.

"This is something you cannot do when you're on the bench. Somebody farted. Who farted on the bench?" O'Neal asked as the network showed a video of four Heat players covering their noses late in the first quarter. "The fart goes four deep!"

The near-speechless host Ernie Johnson tried transitioning to talking about the actual game saying, "All they told me was to 'go to Shaq on playoff intensity' and here we are going in that direction."

So it turns out Saturday Night Live's sketch on the TNT show wasn't too far off.