04/20/2012 09:30 am ET

'Wicked Tuna' Sneak Peek: Dave Reveals Emotional Connection To The Andrea Gail (VIDEO)

Commercial fishing series "Wicked Tuna" is not known for being incredibly emotional, but we've got an exclusive sneak peek at a very touching scene from this week's new episode (Sun., Apr. 22, 10 p.m. ET on National Geographic Channel).

"Wicked Tuna" follows the fisherman of Gloucester, Mass., giving viewers a constant reminder of how dangerous things can be in the open water. This week, fan favorite captain Dave Marciano opens up with a truly tragic story, all about how close he came to joining the ranks on the ill-fated Andrea Gail, the crew remembered in "The Perfect Storm."

Also in this episode, we'll meet Kevin, whose boat, the Christina, gets a nice big fish story to kick things off, snagging a 1,100-pound monstah. Word of the big catch travels fast, and Dave from isn't thrilled -- he spends the rest of the episode pushing hard to catch up and reclaim his spot at No. 1.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek and tell us: Are you digging "Wicked Tuna"?