04/21/2012 10:49 am ET

"Archizines + Arch-Art! Books" Comes To Storefront For Art And Architecture (PHOTOS)

With the ever-growing craze of digital media, most people spend more time reading a screen than they do reading a page. (Hey, we get it; we are an online publication, after all.) Yet just because virtual information is everywhere does not discount the unique experience of physically holding a book, flipping through the crisp paper pages, cherishing not only the information being transferred but the vehicle through which it moves.

The double exhibition "Archizines + Arch-Art! Books" will show that even if print is not the norm, its importance and influence is as powerful as ever. The show features a diverse selection of magazines, fanzines, art books and architecture books. The physicality of architectural space and the physicality of print join forces for this rare tribute to architectural publications.

"Archizines" is part library, part art show, riffing off the tradition of the newsstand and turning it into a sculptural form. The Storefront for Art and Architecture will house 80 architecture publications, shown on metal rods sprouting from the floor. Thus visitors will be made aware of the physical objects of print publications, aside from their vast contributions to the dialogue surrounding art and architecture.

"Arch-Art! Books" will present a selection of artists' books selected from Printed Matter, Inc.'s current catalog, that address the residue of urban life on architectural space. The storefront will also host a 2 day symposium on Publishing Practices, illustrating the passionate debate sparked through the love of print.

"Archizines + Arch-Art! Books" will show until June 9 at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York.

Check out some of the publications below. What is your favorite alternative publication? (We fondly remember days of leafing through "Punk Planet," waiting to see