04/22/2012 04:59 pm ET

Ellis Boyd On 'Smash': Actor Jaime Capero Talks More Hate Coming This Season

Though many debate the quality of NBC's musical dramedy "Smash" (Mondays at 10 p.m. ET) the one thing viewers agree upon is their mutual hatred for one character: Ellis (Jaime Cepero). The actor behind the most despised man on TV recently opened up to TVLine about what other despicable behavior people can expect from Ellis down the road.

"I think every show needs a villain, because without conflict there’s nothing to watch on a one-hour drama," Cepero told TVLine. "I've gotten a pretty generous rundown of what’s happening with my character in Season 2, and you can definitely look out for him a lot, doing some more [sneaky things]. I’m probably going to be even more hated. [Laughs]."

Recently, Ellis also found himself on Entertainment Weekly's list of the 20 Most Annoying TV Characters Ever.

Earlier in Season 1 of "Smash," Cepero defended Ellis to The Huffington Post, telling Maggie Furlong: "I think that he's a young kid and he's just very ambitious, and he really wants to rise to the top, by any means necessary. I think he's young and he doesn't necessarily make the correct choices to rise to the top, but he's doing what he feels is right. He wants his due for the show because he feels like it's his idea ... and we all make mistakes. [Laughs.] But yes, he's a little slimy."

Just a little?

Tune in to "Smash" on Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC to decide for yourself.

Plus, take a look at photos from the upcoming episode (below).

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