04/23/2012 12:21 pm ET

Michael Oswald's 'AmalgaMATE' Androids Are Sexed-Up, Glossy Fembots (PHOTOS)

Haven't we learned our lesson from every sci-fi movie ever that sexy robots are never our friends?

We all know that glossy magazine models are heavily Photoshopped, but Michael Oswald's work is beyond human. Oswald -- a photographer and graphic designer known by the moniker "MichaelO" -- digitally enhances photos of real women and transforms them into sci-fi super babes. His streamlined fantasy robots do not have wrinkles, body hair or cellulite, making them the perfect models for Swedish vodka or the next wave of Stepford Wives. These highly sexualized automatons, which he calls AmalgaMATEs, were created using Photoshop and digital painting techniques. In his words, his work is "photo-manipulation on steroids."

MichaelO's fembots walk the line between sexy and creepy, especially since they are not that different from the billboards and commercials we see every day. What do you think, readers? Do they turn you on or make you want to turn them off?