04/23/2012 03:38 pm ET

Patrick Gonzalez, Marine Veteran With Prosthetic Legs, Fights House Fire Before Crew Arrives (VIDEO)

When a fire started in his Ramona, Calif., garage, Vietnam veteran Patrick Gonzalez didn't hesitate to take on the flames himself.

And he wasn't deterred by the fact that he had to put on his two prosthetic legs first, Ramona Patch reports.

"I put my legs on, and I put my clothes on and come out," Gonzalez said. "Then I went to the side of the house where there was a hose that I could get to, and I started spraying the roof until the fire department got here."

His wife and dog made it out of the house as well, and their daughter, a senior in high school, had already left for school. With nobody injured, the only losses were material.

"That was my shop, I mean, I had just about every power tool you can think of in there, and my motorcycle," Gonzalez told Patch.

But even with everyone safe, answering the 'what's next' question may still take time. As for immediate sleeping arrangements, Gonzalez told Patch he had "no idea" where they would go.