04/23/2012 10:07 am ET

Sarah Silverman Nudity: Actress Talks 'Take This Waltz' Nude Scene At Tribeca Film Festival

Reports of Sarah Silverman's full-frontal scene in the indie film "Take This Waltz" have been circulating the internet since September of 2010.

"I go totally naked," Silverman told Moviefone on the set of Sarah Polley's indie film. "Full frontal. It's going to be awful. It's so not pretty."

More than eighteen months later, New York audiences got to judge for themselves whether Silverman's exposed scene was "awful" as "Take This Waltz" had its New York debut at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday night. (The film had previously premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September of 2011.)

Speaking with reporters on the red carpet before the New York premiere, Silverman said that her nude scene in the film is just your everyday, run-of-the-mill bit of nakedness.

"The thing, and I want to be able to say this because ['Waltz' writer-director] Sarah Polley isn't here, but she always says she wrote that scene because women are naked together all the time," she said to reporters (via THR). "You're in the shower at the Y or one of you is in the tub and one of you is reading a magazine, you're hanging out and trying on clothes -- it's such a common, every day thing for women that's never reflected in movies. There's so much nudity in movies, but it's always sexual."

Starring Silverman, Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, "Take This Waltz" continues to play throughout the Tribeca Film Festival. It is scheduled to hit theaters in limited release on June 29.

For more from the premiere of "Take This Waltz," including Silverman's thoughts on gay marriage and abortion, head over to THR.

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