04/24/2012 10:52 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Gay Marriage Opponents Take Note: 15 Short-Lived Celebrity Marriages (PHOTOS)

The battle for same-sex marriage is heating up yet again -- this time, in Maine.

As The Portland Press Herald is reporting, a marriage equality amendment is due to appear on the state's ballot this November. Still, despite Maine's location (in addition to being situated in liberal New England, it's bordered by New Hampshire and Vermont, two states which have same-sex marriage legislation firmly in place), it's by no means a safe bet.

Not only did Maine voters defeat a gay marriage proposal in 2009, but as Think Progress is now reporting, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has now joined forces with the Christian Civic League of Maine to oppose the 2012 legislation. NOM's Rev. Bob Emrich has said his organization it will organize groups of different faiths as well as people with no faith traditions at all in opposition to the ballot initiative.

If Emrich and his followers are hoping to protect the "sanctity of marriage," we suggest he take a good look at how well many heterosexual couples have fared when it comes to the whole "til death do us part" bit.

From Britney to Kim to Axl, take a look at 15 of the shortest celebrity marriages below:

(Contains information from HuffPost Weddings, People, and Time magazine)