04/24/2012 04:58 pm ET

Jessica Simpson Still Pregnant, Wants To Give Birth In A 'Leopard Caftan' (PHOTOS)

Yes, Jessica Simpson is still pregnant.

Perpetually preggo fashion mogul Jessica Simpson -- she announced the news back in October, but it's felt like forever -- has previously stated that when she does eventually pop, she wants to give birth in her favorite YSL stilettos. (She actually wore 6-inch heels up until recently -- it was a good run, Jess.)

And it looks like Jess is still pondering what kind of fashion she'll be slipping into on her big day, tweeting on Tuesday that she hopes it'll be animal print:

Well, it sure sounds comfortable -- and we're sure Jess will be letting us all know the details (more than we ever wanted!) when she actually does pop out her mini-mogul.

Check out some of Jess's best pregnancy quotes below -- our favorite involves "swamp ass."

Jessica Simpson's Baby Bump(CLONED)(CLONED)