04/24/2012 03:25 pm ET

Martee Tenner Flip: Lincoln University Football Player Soars Over Defender In Scrimmage (VIDEO)

Jerome Simpson might have some competition for best in-game flip. Despite doing it in Lincoln University's spring scrimmage (D-II), running back Martee Tenner pulled off an incredible highlight that might show up in several plays-of-the-year lists later on.

Tenner caught a short pass on the right and broke to the outside, but when a defender charged at him for a tackle, he went airborne. Tenner leaped and did a full front flip over the defender and unlike Simpson, didn't need to use his hands to stick the landing.

He was able to gain more than 25 yards after the flip, but did not score (also unlike Simpson).

Although his name was not on the 2011 roster on Lincoln's football page, Assistant AD for Media Relations Dan Carr told us his full name is Martee Tenner.

H/T Deadspin