04/24/2012 10:47 am ET

5 Yogic Tips to Tackle Stress at Work

Imagine trying to strike some work life balance in the middle of Times Square. Just a few weeks ago I was hanging with prolific authors Victoria Pynchon and Maseena Ziegler (both friends and Forbes contributors) doing just that. It was one of those challenges I couldn't refuse; being still and focused in the midst of chaos, with time ticking away in front of me on sky-high towers, after an important business meeting and with a writing deadline looming.

Eyeballs stared, foreheads wrinkled with wonder, and a few snarky folks who had chugged one too many were trying to throw my serious gaze. But there was little to it. It was just like another day in the office. One might not work in the center of the city, but we all certainly work in the middle of our own workplace universe with all the challenges and interruptions that go along with it.

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