04/25/2012 02:25 pm ET Updated Apr 25, 2012

Alex Buccilli Batting Stance: Coastal Carolina Outfielder's Unorthodox Style (VIDEO)

Cal Ripken Jr. is not just known for owning the Iron Man title and playing in most consecutive games ever. He was also well-known for having thousands of different batting stances. As much as Ripken tinkered and experimented to find the stance that worked for him at any given point in his career, he never came up with anything quite as unorthodox as the style of lefty Alex Buccilli of Coastal Carolina.

When the Chanticleers' outfielder steps up to the plate, he sticks his front foot far outside the box, keeps his back straight while holding the bat above his head (similar to Kevin Youkilis) and nearly bends backwards. As the pitcher sets up to throw, Buccilli brings his front foot closer in and lifts his body a little higher off the ground before taking his swing.

Weird, right?

Maybe it's not that bizarre when you consider all of the strange batting stances in the majors these days (Youkilis, Carl Crawford, Ichiro etc). Regardless, the routine seems to be working for Buccilli, who's batting .313 in 115 plate appearances so far this season.