04/25/2012 12:25 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2012

Did Rihanna Steal 'Man Down' From Aussie Comedy Duo? (VIDEO)

Looks like two Australian radio comedians have busted Rihanna for song theft.

A few years back, Hamish and Andy interviewed Rihanna about her songwriting process. "If you think of a tune instead of humming something in the morning do you call Jay-Z and go 'rapapapa?'," they asked her.

"By the way, if we hear 'rapapapa' in one of your songs we're going to know where you got it from," they added as a disclaimer.

Not long after the interview, Rihanna came out with the song 'Man Down,' which includes a repeating of the sound "rum pa-pa-pum" in the chorus. Rihanna was back on 'Hamish and Andy' last week to promote her movie 'Battleship' and the duo confronted her about the (possible) theft.

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