04/25/2012 10:48 am ET Updated Jun 25, 2012

Oprah Shares Letter To Younger Self At First Job, Looks Back At Old Footage (VIDEO)

Oprah recently sat down with "CBS This Morning" to share some deeply personal insight into her younger self.

As part of the network's "Note to Self" series, she read a letter addressing herself on the day she got her first TV reporting job at the age of 19. The segment aired on Wednesday morning.

The video shows some of Oprah's reports at WLAC-TV in Louisiana. Speaking to her nineteen-year old self, she remembered the hope and the fear she felt about that very first gig.

"You're proud of yourself for getting the job, but uncertain you'll be able to manage all your college classes before 1 and arrive at the station by 1:30 for a full day's work," she said. "Even so, your biggest concern is how to manage your love life with Bubba. Yes, you are dating someone named Bubba."

She described the enormous impact of that job, saying that it changed "the trajectory of [her] life."

The segment also looked back at the rest of her storied accomplishments, from her talk show's 25-year run to her school in South Africa. "From where I sit now, viewing your journey, there are few regrets," she wrote.