04/26/2012 03:29 pm ET

Women's Beauty Study: Self-Esteem Reportedly Peaks Over 30 (PHOTOS, POLL)

Jennifer Garner's teenage self in "13 Going On 30" was right -- the 30s really are the best years for women's beauty self-esteem.

A recent unnamed study aiming to investigate women's self-esteem found that the mid-30s are the prime years for women, according to The Daily Mail. Women gain newfound confidence in their style and image that peaks at age 35.

According to The Daily Mail, "one in three women grow more comfortable with their appearance the older they get, while three out of four think their style has improved over the years.

After years of teenage anguish and questionable outfit choices in their 20s, women tend to become most comfortable with themselves during their 30s. It's at this age, the argument goes, that women have had time to experiment with different trends and ultimately decide what's the best fit for them.

Recall a 2010 QVC poll pegged the peak age for women at 31.

While we're still trying to confirm the results of the study, we wouldn't be surprised if women's self-esteem has, in fact, increased since 2010, judging by the signature styles of certain celebs who have already passed the mid-30s mark.

So we leave it to you -- the readers -- to decide. Has the peak age for women's self-esteem increased to 35?

Below, check out our picks for the best-dressed celebs in their mid-to-late-30s.

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