04/26/2012 05:39 pm ET

Kim Zolciak And Wendy Williams Rip On NeNe Leakes (VIDEO)

It's no secret that neither Kim Zolciak or Wendy Williams are members of the NeNe Leakes fan club. Zolciak has spent several seasons of "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" feuding with Leakes, and Wendy has been watching the developments closely and taking notes. Thursday on "The Wendy Williams Show" (weekdays on Fox) they unloaded on the polarizing reality star.

The gossip session started when Wendy asked Zolciak why Leakes wasn't invited to her wedding."She's really changed, and she's not funny to me anywhere," Zolciak said. "She used to be really funny."

"She's not funny to many of us either, it's more like mean-spirited," Williams agreed, before implying that Leakes' reality TV fame had gone to her head.

Zolciak then detailed the specific reason why reconciling with Leakes seems unlikely to happen. "I think the problem with NeNe honestly is that Nene doesn't have the tools to communicate effectively. And if NeNe could really sit there and talk to me and communicate ... Like, people get in arguments with my girlfriends and you disagree, but you can't get loud and violent, that's a problem. If she had the tools to communicate effectively and kind of work through things, then there's a possibility that I'd sit down and have a conversation."

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