04/27/2012 12:29 pm ET Updated Apr 27, 2012

Lung Cancer May Have Been Fruit Pit That Blanca Riveron Inhaled In 1984

Lung cancer is always the pits, but sometimes the pit isn't lung cancer.

Florida woman Blanca Riveron, 62, was horrified to hear that she may have cancer when doctors found a dark spot on her lung in December, WTSP reported.

Before the bad news, she'd spent 28 years coughing, wheezing, and sitting in hospital beds with bouts of asthma and pneumonia.

A few weeks later, the Seminole Heights woman was sitting at a traffic light when one of her violent coughing fits struck. This time, however, she coughed up a fruit pit. It turns out that the fruit pit was likely the "spot" found on her lung.

Her daughter reminded Riveron of the time she yelled to her children while eating a nispero fruit in their home country of Cuba -- and Riveron accidentally inhaled one of its seeds.

"I told my daughter no, it can't be it. It's been 28 years - I mean it can't be it," Riveron told the station.

Now, her coughing has practically vanished, Patch reported. Her breathing is still compromised because of the damage that the seed likely caused, but she's getting better.

She has a checkup in a few weeks to determine whether the spot is gone, but she and her family are confident that her ailment has been cured.

"She's even been able to blow up a balloon for my son. She had never been able to do that," said her daughter, Dayana Noda.