04/26/2012 05:32 pm ET

Magnifi: Your iPhone Is Now A Microscope (Or Binoculars, A Telescope...)

As interest and variety within the "iPhoneography" market continues to grow, an entrepreneurial couple have turned the iPhone camera into a versatile lens for nature, space and beyond.

Behold the Magnifi, a first-of-its-kind universal photoadapter iPhone casing. Using the casing you can take quality, stable photos through anything with an eyepiece, including telescopes, microscopes or binoculars. You latch the Magnifi and mount onto an eyepiece and then use the camera application as normal, making adjustments until you have a perfect image. Magnifi is not the first photoadapter for devices with eyepieces, but it is the first that will fit comfortably in your pocket.

The couple behind the Magnifi is Xianne and Isaac Penny, who met during graduate school while at Stanford University. Both use microscopes regularly and Isaac is an amateur astronomer. They said the device was “born out of their shared desire to simplify the capture and sharing of images from their favorite optical instruments”. Together they have formed Arcturus Labs.

Xianne and Isaac are currently raising money for the Magnifi on Kickstarter, and have surpassed their fundraising goal of $10,000 with nearly $30,000 raised and seven days still to go. The Magnifi will retail for $79.99.