04/26/2012 07:02 pm ET Updated Apr 27, 2012

Stephen Colbert Super PAC Has More Money Than Ron Paul Super PAC


Ron Paul's campaign is so downtrodden that the super PAC supporting his candidacy has less cash than former fake presidential candidate Stephen Colbert.

The latest Federal Election Commission filings revealed that Colbert’s super PAC Americans for A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow had $794,462. Endorse Liberty, the pro-Ron Paul group, had only $53,984.

To be fair, since the Comedy Central comedian isn't actually running for president, he hasn't spent nearly as much as Paul campaigning. Still, the super PAC supporting the Texas congressman only raised $13,104 in March -- a significant drop from earlier this year, when billionaire Peter Thiel donated $1.7 million. Colbert's organization, on the other hand, raised $43,896 last month.

As Mitt Romney comes closer to the 2012 GOP nomination with major endorsements and primary wins, Ron Paul struggles to remind voters he's still running.

Paul recently told CBS's Face The Nation that "the votes haven't been counted ... there's no way I'm gonna give up on the effort to get the Republicans back to their roots."

(h/t ABC News)

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Paul had raised $13,104 in March. This was actually the sum raised by Endorse Liberty, a super PAC supporting his candidacy.