04/27/2012 01:16 pm ET

Bottle-Feeding Fish Suck Up To A Chinese Woman (VIDEO)

You've heard of bottom-feeding fish, but what about bottle-feeding fish?

Amazingly, a school of koi carp at the Guangzhou Zoo in China have learned to be real suck-ups, and now let humans feed them by bottle.

The fish have been trained to do something that is very unusual, according to Stephen Fabian of RightThisMinute, a syndicated show devoted to viral videos.

"It's weird to see that fish totally sucking that nipple," he said. "It's one thing if a goat, for example, feeds from a bottle, because it was raised feeding from its mother. Fish don't do that."

Patrons at the zoo pay for the privilege of bottle-feeding the carp and get quite a show for their money, assuming these fish are as hungry all the time, Paw Nation noted.