04/27/2012 05:41 pm ET

Great Food Stories Of The Week (Last Call)

Every Friday afternoon, HuffPost Food rounds up some of the best food articles of the week. Start your weekend off with some quality food writing, and hopefully quality food as well! Think we missed something great? Let us know.

Ad Age, Is Ronald McDonald the New Joe Camel?
Mascots become target of activists in obesity wars.

New York Times and Grist, Wendell Berry, American Hero and Wendell Berry: This Old Farmer Is Still Full Of Piss And Vinegar
Two portraits on a fascinating food icon.

Michael Ruhlman, Ghostwriter Dustup
Think the drama is done with Julia Moskin's ghostwriter piece? Ruhlman has (maybe) the last word...and it's a good one.

Food Republic, Great Mysteries Of The Martini, Solved
Gin vs. vodka. Dry vs. wet. Where to drink them!

Eatocracy, Chefs With Issues: The Trouble With Tuna
How one chef found herself in the midst of an ocean of controversy.

Vanity Fair, A Fresh Cup of Joe
Joe Bastianich has a new book out and Vanity Fair has an excerpt.

Seattle Times, Liquor Store Auction A Welcome Windfall For State Coffers
Washington state has come into a windfall from its auction of 167 state liquor store rights, thanks to the voters' smart embrace of liquor store privatization in Initiative 1183.

Amateur Gourmet, Stop It With The Small Plates! (Except Where They Work)
One razor clam does not a small plate make.

Eatocracy, That's Me In The Corner, That's Me In The Spotlight Eating All Alone
Women! Eating alone! Because they like it!

Slate, How To Get Food On Every Table
We have enough food to feed everyone. But we need to produce even more. Here’s why.

Wall Street Journal, Life Beyond Noma
What happens when chefs leave one of the greatest restaurants in the world.

Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Riots: Inspiration Behind A Culinary Upheaval
L.A.'s multicultural dining scene was dealt a sharp blow in the aftermath of the 1992 riots, but as today's blending of high and street cuisine shows, the malaise didn't last long.